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Our Mission & Vision

Miek Van VrankenWe are here to feed God's children with the teachings from his Word concerning worship, prayer, healing, how we approach daily life, giving to others, and calling everyone to his redemption. We are dedicated to providing his message of love, protection and salvation to the entire world. We are not ashamed to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and we boldly declare that he is the peace that the world cannot give.

Mike is a lifelong Christian who has been in the secular business world since 1973. He brings his experiences as a mentor, leader, speaker, coach and entrepreneur to provide teaching to all who are interested. His dream is to deliver the teachings of Jesus to women and men, old and young, poor and rich, people of every background and diversity - to the entire body of Christ.

Mission also includes Stewardship.  We long to practice Stewardship with the gifts God has given this ministry.  In addition to sowing seeds through teaching, speaking and writing, we also strive to touch lives by financially supporting three other ministries:

  • The Psalm 91 Fund was born from the need to help the families of sick and injured patients at the Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute in Little Rock, AR.  The fund is designed to help families with additional expenses such as lodging and food, as well as helping them aquire or use prescribed equipment for rehabilitation and healing.  The fund maintains the Psalm 91 Room which allows patients, families and friends to enjoy a space for use of the internet, to play video games and enjoy tv and movies. The Psalm 91 garden is an outdoor escape for patients, families, friends and the BHRI staff to enjoy the peace, solitude and quiet beauty that God gives us in his creation.  Click here for more information on the Psalm 91 Fund:   


  • Community Renewal International brings together caring partners to make our world a home where every single child is safe and loved.  Cities battling poverty, crime, racial tension, substance abuse and other critical issues are now facing the future with hope because of the life-changing impact of Community Renewal International.  In neighborhoods where violence and fear once reigned, there is now safety and trust.  Playgrounds are replacing battlegrounds.  Former gang members and drug addicts are renewing their lives, returning to school and giving back to the community instead of taking from it.  That is what happens when caring partners from all walks of life come together with one dream and one hope for one community.  True community renewal changes the world - one neighbor at a time.  For more information go to:  www.sbcr.us


  • St. Mary's Residential Training School is one of the nation's premier facilities that serves individuals who have a dual diagnosis of mental retardation and autism.  Part of St. Mary's success for effectively treating children with severe autism is through their Applied Behavior Analysis program (ABA).  This research based program is extremely successful for children with autism and has also proven to be effective for other spectrum disorders.  ABA provides one-on-one training with every training goal being broken down into small segments.  This program uses positive reinforcement and is utilized to teach daily living, communication and socialization skills.  Today, St. Mary's is home to 188 children from nine states and a place of hope for their families.  The buildings on their 55-acre campus, from dorms to group homes to school to clinic and gym, are comfortable, welcoming and functional.  The setting itself is spacious and peaceful.   For more information on St. Mary's, go to:  www.stmarys-rts.org

Whether sowing seeds through teaching or through the financial support of the organizations above, Mike Van Vranken Ministries is bringing the presence of Jesus to as many people as possible.  Join us in our dream of changing the world by helping others experience the real meaning of being loved.