Community Renewal International brings together caring partners to make our world a home
where every single child is safe and loved

Cities battling poverty, crime, racial tension, substance abuse and other critical issues are now facing the future with hope because of the life-changing impact of Community Renewal International. In neighborhoods where violence and fear once reigned, there is now safety and trust. Playgrounds are replacing battlegrounds. Former gang members and drug addicts are renewing their lives, returning to school and giving back to the community instead of taking from it. That is what happens when caring partners from all walks of life come together with one dream and one hope for one community. True community renewal changes the world - one neighbor at a time.

More than 40,000 people worldwide have joined the Renewal Team. There is no cost and no obligation. Click on the banner above to sign up, get connected with other caring partners, and help us build safer, stronger communities!

Songs  of the Street

Songs of the Street are just a few of the uplifting stories of community renewal at work in all types of neighborhoods. They are "songs" of new hope and new beginnings. With the support of our caring partners, there will be many more!

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