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To know Scripture is to Know Jesus

Knowing Jesus is much more than memorizing his name or being familiar with where he came from.  An intimate, personal relationship with the Son of God is much deeper than the ability to recall a few stories about him.  Mike’s presentation uses key scriptures and personal stories to help you know Jesus like never before.  Use this message to build your own relationship with your Savior and recognize how Jesus’ presence is intertwined with your daily life.  This insight could change your life forever.

Intentional Evangelization & Reconciliation

Evangelization is nothing new.  Yet, there is a newness in the 21st century need to evangelize.  The new evangelization calls us to not only reach out to the un-churched, but to reach out to the churchgoing, practicing Christian as well.  We all need positive encouragement in today’s culture.  Mike reminds us that sharing our stories with believers and non-believers alike will help make Jesus relevant in our modern world.  Use this message to help you reach more people for the kingdom of God.

The Spirituality of Work

Mike offers a compelling presentation explaining how we are made in God’s image to imagine, conceive and create new things.  Our work is dignified as it gives God glory when we do it for him and in his honor.  You will never look at work as drudgery or dull again.  Use these new insights to give meaning and purpose to everything you do.